Monday, March 28, 2011

Barry Roubaix. 35 miles. 18 degrees. 1 kankle.

Barry Roubaix. The new spring classic, although it felt like dead of winter at the start. I was pretty pumped for this race as I have heard nothing but good things about it, until Thursday the 24th when I rolled my ankle at my soccer game, bad. Friday morning I couldnt see the bone on the inside of my ankle due to the swelling. It wasnt too bad as long as I didnt move my toes left or right, or up toward my knee. I was a bit bummed. Friday night I rode around the parking lot of the Holiday inn where we were staying and it hurt. I couldnt pull up and spinning fast was a bit painful. Decided screw it, I am riding. Couple motrin and a compression wrap. Figured I would just take it easy if it hurt. Was only worried about the narrow section on Sager rd. Walking would be way more painful than riding.

Gun goes off, I am having a bit of pain with anything over about 20mph as I was spinning rather fast with my 36x16 on the flat sections. The guys on the cross bikes were passing me and flying down the roads. Made the left onto Sager Rd and I could see some heavy traffic, but it was hard and moving. Found a spot to ride out of danger until my friend Chris rode around me right up the middle of the 2 lines, and I followed. Probably not the best but it worked out good. The rest of the race was pretty un-eventful for me. Just found a nice spot to spin where my ankle didnt hurt too bad. There were only a couple hills that were tough. On the last road climb I started slowing down and getting a bit light headed, most likely from not drinking anything as my bottles were frozen and I could only get about half a bottle of cytomax slushie out all race. Finished in 2:04:10, good for 15th of 46 in singlespeed. I did better than I anticipated with my fat kankle. The beer, tacos and burritos made it all worth while at the finish. Foot was all black and blue later when I took my wrap off, but I dont think I hurt it anymore. I wish I had some more gear on the bike for the flats. Never doing it and not being able to judge my fitness this early in the year I played it a bit safe. Probably good with my bum wheel. Awesome event.

For anyone who hasnt done it, I highly recommend it. Rick always puts on awesome events. The atmosphere, the course, its all great. Definately be back next year, hopefully healthy, with some cross tires and a bigger gear!